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Curious About German Rapper Cro's Eco-Friendly Bali Villa Masterpiece?

Curious About German Rapper Cro's Eco-Friendly Bali Villa Masterpiece?

Inside the opulent Bali Villa of German Rapper Cro

German rapper Cro, famous for his signature panda mask, has made headlines with his magnificent Bali Villa. Cro, who goes by the pseudonym Carlo Waibel, commissioned the creation of this palatial dwelling to luxury hotel and villa designers, Alexis Dornier and Tim Russo.

The Villa's Design Concept

The design captures the essence of Bali's tropical landscape while mirroring Cro's personal style and preferences. It blends tastefully with the surrounding environment, featuring bamboo and sustainable wood making the villa an eco-friendly architectural masterpiece.

  • Modern structures interwoven with traditional Balinese style
  • Spectacular panoramic views of the lush surroundings
  • Tranquil in-house spa and infinity pool
  • Open concept design allowing fresh, natural light
  • Tailored furnishing matching the villa's modern aesthetics

Sustainable and Luxurious Living

A highlight of the villa is the elevated open sky kitchen, offering not just a cooking space, but a unique dining experience. The dining area overlooks the lush forest, providing tranquil scenery while enjoying a meal.

The airy living room leads to an infinity pool that seems to meet with the distant ocean. The use of locally sourced materials like wood and bamboo helps the villa to blend into the nature, giving it a serene, organic feel.

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