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Could This Be the Perfect Merge of the Past and the Present in Home Design?

Could This Be the Perfect Merge of the Past and the Present in Home Design?

Athens' City Home Enters Collaboration With Kallos Gallery

The urban house in Athens advances the collaboration with Kallos Gallery based in Turin

Greek architect Ismini Kontou introduced her latest project - a city house in Athens offering a blend of traditional design and contemporary environment. The plan was formulated and executed following a collaboration with the prominent Kallos Gallery based in Turin.
This stately home stands out amongst others with its affinity for antique furniture. This preference can be gleaned from the overall ambiance and choice of furnishings. Some highlights of the pieces adorning this Athenian home include:
  • An impressive Greek marble stelae from 5th Century BC.
  • A bronze Appliqué figure of the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, from the 1st Century AD.
  • A richly decorated Byzantine Chalice.
These vintage furniture pieces lend an unexpected but welcome twist to the modern atmosphere, captivating visitors' interest.
Ismini Kontou, the mastermind behind the design, managed to seamlessly integrate these antiquities into a contemporary setup, allowing the owners to enjoy the past's charm and the present's comfort.
This living area is a prime example of how a harmonious fusion between the past and the present can be attained without compromising on any individual element's authenticity. #Athens #KallosGallery #FurnitureDesign #CityHouse #IsminiKontou #AncientAntiquities #Art #Architecture #HomeDecor #VintageFurniture #InteriorDesign #DesignCollaboration #Turin #MarbleStelae #GoddessIsis #ByzantineChalice

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