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Could Avgoulakia's Innovative Egg Packaging be the Most Fun You've Ever Had Grocery Shopping?

Could Avgoulakia's Innovative Egg Packaging be the Most Fun You've Ever Had Grocery Shopping?

Red Dot Design Award Spotlights Avgoulakia's Innovative Egg Packaging

The Red Dot Awards, one of the world's most prestigious design competitions, has distinguished a unique and inventive packaging design from Avgoulakia, a food company based in Greece. o

Design Elements: Personified Heroes and Engagement

Avgoulakia truly stands out with its vibrant and lively egg box designs. Central to its unique design are colorful illustrations of three chicken characters, each representing a different type of egg. Captain Mahe, Madame Coco, and Miss Nelly are transformed into fun, relatable heroines that correspond to free-range, organic, and barn-laid eggs respectively.

Adding more value to the package, the interior of these egg boxes intrigues consumers with engaging features such as word search puzzles, enhancing the overall consumer experience.

The outstanding conceptualization and design creation were the products of a talented Greek designer, Antonia Skaraki. And her creative effort has not gone unnoticed - it won the Red Dot Award for Brands & Communication Design in 2020.

These egg packaging designs not only fulfill their primary function, but they also offer consumers a new perspective - an intriguing design story and interactive puzzles. With this innovative approach, Avgoulakia successfully adds an extra layer of charm to their brand, making them well-deserving of their Red Dot Award.

  • Vibrant packaging design captures attention
  • Distinct chicken characters add personality and a unique touch
  • Interactive features engage consumers
  • Outstanding design recognized by prestigious Red Dot Award
  • Designer Antonia Skaraki brings unique design vision to fruition
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