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Can You Imagine Living in a 18th Century London House Transformed into a Modern Artwork?

Can You Imagine Living in a 18th Century London House Transformed into a Modern Artwork?

Historical City House Transformed into Artwork in the Heart of London

Historical Gem with Modern Touch

Originally built in the 18th century, this historical city house has been smartly rebuilt with modern flair, yet preserving its historical essence. In the heart of London's Mayfair district, this standout property seamlessly bridges the gap between past and present with its magnificent architecture and sophisticated interior design.
  • Property is a five-story building located in the posh area of Mayfair district.
  • The building showcases original elements like stone masonry and wooden beams.
  • The décor blends historical era with intricate modern elements symbolizing the meeting of different epochs.
  • Immaculate design with contemporary touches including geometric patterns in the fabrics, the modern art pieces, and the usage of multiple colors.
  • Lush outdoor terrace overlooking the busy London street, perfect for relaxation and guests' entertainment purposes.

A Sanctuary for Art Lovers

Adding to its uniqueness, this rejuvenated house boasts a private gallery showcasing artistic masterpieces such as sculptures and painting dating back to the 16th century till date.
  • The gallery displays a variety of art genres catering to diverse artistic tastes.
  • Each room of the house holds a different theme with strategically placed artwork complementing the space.
  • An exceptional quality of the gallery is its transient nature – the artworks are often replaced opening up a possibility of new artistic discovery each visit.

Nestled in London's Historical Heart

The location of the house is one of its major selling points. Residing in Mayfair, known for its regency crescents, upmarket boutiques and art galleries, it is a dream destination offering grandeur of modern city with a touch of history. #London #Mayfair #History #ModernDesign #Architecture #Art #Sculptures #Painting #RegencyEras #CityHouse #Interiors #Frame #LondonStreet #LuxuryLiving #Artistic #Sophistication #18thCentury #PrivateGallery

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