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Can You Experience Minecraft in Real Life at This Bucharest Eyewear Store?

Can You Experience Minecraft in Real Life at This Bucharest Eyewear Store?

Minecraft In Real Life: Bucharest Eyewear Store's Pixelated Interiors

The Concept

Translating the digital world into physical reality, a Bucharest eyewear store stands out with its Minecraft-like interior. The store, designed by local creative studio Igloo, displays a seamless mix of architecture and pixel art.

The Eye-Catching Design

The innovative design is the product of pixelating high-resolution images of iconic eyewear pieces to a 16x16 pixel format. The pixelated images were meticulously embossed on a total of 277 ceramic blocks, projecting an array of iconic eyewear models onto the store’s walls and ceiling.

The Execution

Each pixel was then brought to life by positioning ceramic pieces of varying shades across three planes. These pixels were raised or sunken to create a 3D effect, leading to an eccentric and unique interior.

The Outcome

The result is a visually striking space that transports anyone walking in straight into the fascinating world of Minecraft. The striking design effect brings a new layer to the shopping experience, serving both as a homage to eyewear design and an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for customers. - The digital world brought into the physical space - High-res iconic eyewear images pixelated to 16x16 format - Ceramic blocks embossed with pixelated images - Varied shades across three planes create a 3D effect - Unique and eccentric Minecraft-like interior #PixelArt #InnovativeDesign #3DEffect #IglooCreativeStudio #Bucharest #EyewearStore #MinecraftInspired #RetailDesign #UniqueInteriors #Creativity #Architecture #DesignInspiration #ArtisticSpace #CeramicArt #AmazingInteriors #ShopDesign #PixelatedDesign Source:

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