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Can You Discover the Charm of 1960s Furniture in a Modern Parisian Apartment?

Can You Discover the Charm of 1960s Furniture in a Modern Parisian Apartment?

Experience the Magic of 1960s Furniture in a Parisian Apartment

Rediscovering Haussmann's Grandeur

In the heart of Paris, there's a contemporary resurrection of Haussmann's iconic style, a splendid apartment reflecting a perfect blend of the '60s furniture and modern design trends.

Classic Elements and Modern Touches

This Parisian apartment smartly incorporates Haussmann's classic elements like parquet flooring, artistic moldings, decorative fireplaces with today’s modern, functional, and fruitful design aesthetics. - The incredible ornate ceilings, paired with sculptural '60s furniture, give the living space an elegant yet contemporary feel. - The modern kitchen with sleek cabinets and the essentials required for a gourmet-centric environment. - The vibrant colors, wavy mirrors, and retro-futuristic lamps add up to the apartment's uniqueness and grandeur.

Signature '60s Furniture

Acknowledging the impact of the '60s on design philosophy, this apartment makes use of masterpieces created by some of the iconic designers of that time. - Pierre Paulin's ‘Ribbon Chair’ adds flamboyancy to any corner. - Joe Colombo's ‘Tube Chair’ is a versatile piece that serves multiple purposes. - The ‘Marshmallow Sofa’ by George Nelson provides comfort with a charming surprise.

Stylish, yet Functional Design

While this apartment is splendidly stylish, it focuses equally on functionality. The multipurpose rooms, smart storage solutions, and the incorporation of modern technology ensure that it caters to the demands of today's lifestyle. #Paris #Haussmann #1960sFurniture #ContemporaryDesign #RibbonChair #TubeChair #MarshmallowSofa #ModernAesthetics #FunctionalDesign #ClassicSculpture #OrnateCeilings #GourmetKitchen #Versatility #SmartStorage #ModernTechnology

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