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Can Tradition and Sustainability Co-exist in Modern Design?

Can Tradition and Sustainability Co-exist in Modern Design?

The Confluence of Tradition and Sustainability in Modern Design

The Crackle Circular Vase XL by Kosta Boda

In the current era of design, a harmonious marriage between traditional craftsmanship and environmental sustainability is blossoming. A prime example of this evolving industries fusion is beautifully showcased in the Crackle Circular Vase XL, created by Kosta Boda.

This exquisite vase stands unusually tall at 37 cm, handcrafted through the age-old method of mouth-blown glass. The artisan's touch hollows out the mould of this oversized masterpiece, capturing the very essence of classic craftsmanship.

Winning the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2023, the Crackle Circular Vase XL has been recognized and revered by industry experts. The jury praised the vase for its potent personality and described it as a sculptural masterpiece.

Contributors to Excellence

The Crackle Circular Vase XL is the brainchild of the renowned Swedish manufacturer, Kosta Boda. However, the elemental charm of this creation was brought to life by the masterful design approach of Studio Åsa Jungnelius, also based out of Sweden.
  • Uniquely tall and oversized design.
  • Mouth-blown glass illustrating traditional craftsmanship.
  • A hand-hollowed mould signifying the human touch and precision.
  • Winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023.
  • Environmentally sustainable production process.

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