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Can Old Meet New in Interior Design? A Look at a Classic Apartment Transformation in Milan

Can Old Meet New in Interior Design? A Look at a Classic Apartment Transformation in Milan

Renovation in Milan - Old Meets New

Reimagining a Classic Apartment

Bridging the gap between the past and the future is often a challenging task, particularly in the realm of interior design. However, a team of architects in Milan have taken up this challenge, with amazing results. They have given a classic apartment a modern makeover, but in a way that respects and highlights its historical roots. The apartment, owned by a young family, had been left untouched for a considerable amount of time. But now it is a significant example of a successful blend of old and new, with every detail contributing to a harmonious reimagining of the space.

Contemporary Twists on Traditional Italian Elements

The interiors of the apartment have been reworked in a contemporary vein, but the key historical features are not forgotten, rather appreciated. Classic Italian design elements such as terrazzo floors, decorative moldings, ceiling rosettes, and Italian-style doors have been preserved and emphasized.

Incorporating Modern Details

Alongside the traditional, you also find the modern. The kitchen for instance is a wonder of sleek, sharp lines, fitting perfectly into the flyer aesthetic. And in the bathrooms, concrete features blend remarkably well with the historical structure, once again demonstrating the success of the project. - Reworked historic features - Contemporary design - Authentic Italian elements - Modern kitchen design - Concrete features in bathrooms #ItalianInteriorDesign #ModernArchitecture #HistoricRenovation #ContemporaryDesign #MilanInteriors

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