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Can a Rebranding Effort Secure TÜV NORD GROUP'S Legacy in the Industry?

Can a Rebranding Effort Secure TÜV NORD GROUP'S Legacy in the Industry?

TÜV NORD GROUP – Inspired by Knowledge

Offering an epitome of trust and safety for more than a century and a half, the TÜV NORD GROUP has firmly established their roots in the German industry and society. Welcoming the new era, the brand has adopted a design that mingles modernity with approachability while retaining its technical superiority.

The brand dons a timeless and reassuring blue hue, a visual representation of the undying trust and safety guaranteed by TÜV NORD GROUP. Accompanied by a flexible design system, it enables smooth modifications, thereby introducing refreshing contrasts and vivacious tones into every application.

The continuity of the blue legacy is preserved and enhanced, signifying the brand’s dedication to upholding its origins while courageously adapting to transformations.

Brand Recognition

The commendable design was recognized at the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2023. The honor is a testament to the brand’s impressive visual identity and successful rebranding.

The award-winning design was delivered by Total Design, a creative studio from Amsterdam, Netherlands, thus further cementing TÜV NORD GROUP’s place in the industry.

Client: TÜV NORD GROUP, Hannover, Germany Design: Total Design, Amsterdam, Netherlands

• Over 150 years of trust and safety
• Timeless blue symbolizing unwavering trust
• Flexible and appealing design system
• Harmony of tradition and modernity
• Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2023 recipient
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