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Can a Historic Paris Duplex Apartment be Transformed Into a Modern Haven?

Can a Historic Paris Duplex Apartment be Transformed Into a Modern Haven?

Uniting Past and Future in a Fabulous Paris Duplex Apartment Renovated by Studio Ashby

Combining Comfort and Style in a Historical Setting

London-based designers, Studio Ashby, have transformed a duplex apartment in Paris, masterfully bridging the gap between the property's historic ambience and a desire for contemporary comfort.

A Rich Source of Inspiration

Paying homage to Paris' artistic legacy, the apartment was imagined as a canvas; a space where eclectic layers of style coalesce. Drawing inspiration from 20th-century French artists like Henri Matisse, the renovation sees warm, earthy tones juxtaposed with carefully chosen modern accents.

  • The living area mesmerizes with its vibrant, Persian rug and an array of contemporary art.
  • A bright dining room showcases a unique blend of vintage charm and modern aesthetics.
  • The kitchen, with its modern appliances and rustic wooden surfaces, speaks of the elegance in simplicity.

Marrying Functionality with Beauty

In keeping with Studio Ashby's commitment to practicality, the design solutions showcase a seamless integration of aesthetic beauty with pragmatism. An example can be seen in the main bedroom where the beautifully embossed headboard functions as ambient lighting, highlighting the room's plush atmosphere.

  • A cozy window seat in the living room offers an inviting reading spot.
  • The children’s rooms, with their fun and playful aesthetics, provide the perfect backdrop for imagination to flourish.
  • The bathrooms opt for clean, natural finishes, resonating with the overall theme of the duplex.


Studio Ashby's redesign encapsulates an extraordinary blend of Parisian chic and contemporary comfort, resulting in a Paris duplex apartment that is as unique as it is wonderfully livable.

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