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Can a Classic London Townhouse Embrace a Modern Artistic Makeover?

Can a Classic London Townhouse Embrace a Modern Artistic Makeover?

London Townhouse Gets an Artistic Transformation

The renowned architecture firm, Woulfe, has recently revamped a classic London townhouse into an expressive representation of the owner's lifestyle. Now, this historic building demonstrates a fascinating fusion of vintage English style and modern sensibility.

A Personalized Makeover

With the aim of showcasing the homeowner’s extensive Art Deco collection, the transformation was exquisitely personalized. Every corner of the townhouse bears testimony to the owner's love for art and design, making it a home that truly reflects its inhabitant.

  • The firm chose to retain the home's original features, such as cornices and fireplaces
  • Modern artwork, unique furniture, and an impressive array of lighting fixtures were incorporated

Spaces Filled with Creativity and Comfort

Woulfe's handiwork can be appreciated in the variety of spaces created. Each room serves a purpose while also being a treat for the eyes. The kitchen, for instance, enlivens the domestic routine with its sleek island layout and bold color scheme. The library, on the other hand, offers a cozy retreat with its inviting, warm hues.

  • Newly added elements such as a large cellar and a private gym make the house even more comfortable
  • The home's original staircase was restored, adding a sense of drama and grandeur to the main entrance
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A Successful Marriage of Styles

A true testament to Woulfe's proficiency in design, the home successfully celebrates traditional English architecture with modern accentuations. It fully embodies a tasteful merge of old and new, turning it into an aspiring milestone in residential architecture and design.

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