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Can a 33-Square-Meter Apartment Become a Cozy Living Space in Warsaw?

Can a 33-Square-Meter Apartment Become a Cozy Living Space in Warsaw?

Reviving Compact Living in Warsaw

An ingenious approach to spatial design brings new life to a 33-square-meter apartment in Poland's capital

In the heart of Warsaw lies an apartment that is breathing new life into compact living. On the surface, the space may appear tiny; it’s only 33 square meters in area. However, a rigorous reimagining by local design firm, Mode:lina has utterly revamped the living quarters. Wisely utilizing this small space, the firm has transformed the apartment into a cozy yet functional habitat.

The carefully planned layout facilitated by a raised platform and a dividing wall, has worked wonders in separating the space into distinct functional zones. There's a bedroom, a living area, and a kitchen with enough room to spare.

Spatial separation and function in design

Despite the limited floor space, the apartment has fashioned distinct sectors for every function. Users can move around different corners of the room and yet feel a sense of privacy.

Bullet Points:

- The top half of the dividing wall is constructed with clear Plexiglass, allowing sunlight to permeate throughout the living quarters. - The platform raises the bed area and contains storage spaces. - Plywood-finish elements give a warm, homely feeling. - The kitchen area is carefully equipped with essential utilities. - There is also a provision for a laundry corner inside the bathroom.

Every bit of space counts

The effective maximization of every centimeter of space, making it count, is what makes this apartment a perfect example of outstanding interior design.

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