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Can 3D Printed Ceramic Furniture Inspired by Termite Mounds Revolutionize Our Cooling Systems?

Can 3D Printed Ceramic Furniture Inspired by Termite Mounds Revolutionize Our Cooling Systems?

Bartlett Student Harnesses The Prospects of 3D Printed Ceramic Furniture

Termite Mound-Inspired Cooling System

The Bartlett School of Architecture student, Ilia Sabantsev, has excelled in creating a prototype furniture piece that represents a three-dimensional printed ceramic cooling solution. This innovation was inspired by the cooling phenomenon of termite mounds in Zimbabwe.

Termite mounds feature a multifaceted structural system that aids in regulating temperatures. Emulating this, Sabantsev's ceramic furniture-related project shows significant promise for natural cooling solutions.

Features and Process

Named 'Ceramic Landscape', the effective standalone cooling system is produced using an open-source clay 3D printer by WASP. It features multiple channels that allow air movement based on termite mounds' ventilation strategy. The elements are fired at 1,125 degrees Celsius, resulting in fully functional, weather-resistant products suitable for outdoor spaces.

Not only attractive, but this furniture blends well with nature and creates a balanced atmosphere for optimum relaxation.

Pioneering 3D Printed Furniture

Ilia’s project successfully signifies the potential of ceramic 3D printed furniture for ecological home decor. The innovative design, borrowed from nature, can inspire the global furniture industry by introducing sustainable, convenient, and biologically-inspired cooling solutions.

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