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Are Old Furniture Design Classics Making a Stylish Comeback?

Are Old Furniture Design Classics Making a Stylish Comeback?

Furniture Re-Editions Making a Comeback

Classic Furniture Revisited

Classic furniture designs are back in style. Iconic pieces are getting rebirths, thanks to the "Re-edition" trend. These furniture "comebacks" are catching everyone's imagination.

Designers and manufacturers are launching some of the best furniture pieces from the past. Modern technology and design techniques are blending with traditional aesthetics, making the re-issues more appealing even in the contemporary context.

Classic Designers and Their Re-Incarnations

Eminent designers like Eileen Gray, Isamu Noguchi and Hans J. Wegner are experiencing a revival. Their masterpieces are reliving in new forms, colours, and materials.

Furniture Re-Edition Highlights

• Hans J. Wegner's 'Shell Chair' • 'Frits Henningsen Wingback Chair' • Eileen Gray's 'Day Bed' and 'Bonaparte Chair' • Isamu Noguchi's 'IN50 Coffee Table' • Poul Kjærholm’s 'PK71 Nesting Tables'

These furnishing pieces brilliantly blend history, design and functionality to cater to the rapidly changing décor trends.

Designers' Take on Re-Editions

Designers ardently believe that these re-editions aren't mere objects, but they reflect the designers' vision, concepts and experiments they were involved in the creative process.

Transforming Interiors with Classic Re-Editions

Whether it's a chic Milan apartment or British countryside cottage, these pieces can amplify the aesthetic appeal while adding a touch of nostalgia to contemporary living spaces.

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