Are Colorful Staircases the Next Big Trend in Interior Design?

Are Colorful Staircases the Next Big Trend in Interior Design?

Discover a Burst of Color with These Unique Staircase Designs

Step into a World of Vibrant Hues and Expressive Art

In an era where minimalism and monochromatic tones seem to dominate the design world, a vibrant and colorful staircase can be a refreshing surprise. These rainbow-hued staircases not only have the power to transform spaces, but they also showcase the creativity and individuality of their creators. Take a look at some of these innovative and eye-catching designs featured on AD Magazine.

Colorful Stairs by Sasha Bikoff

New York-based interior designer Sasha Bikoff created a buzz during Milan Design Week with her colorful staircase installation ‘Cosmic Dance.' Bikoff's stairs are inspired by Rainbow Road from the famous Super Mario video game series, a surreal and otherworldly atmosphere where stars float on endless blue fields. Her design features neon-colored steps against a starry and dark background.

Funky Stairs by Emilie Mazeau-Langlais

French artist Emilie Mazeau-Langlais adds new dimensions to classic interiors with her whimsical and colorful stairs design. She adds a twist to traditional stairs by wrapping them in bright fabrics or emboldening them with quirky patterns. Her creations include striking striped patterns, bold geometric designs, and even vivid renditions of the classic houndstooth pattern.

  • Neon staircases create a bold statement
  • Whimsical patterns showcase artistic creativity
  • Classic designs receive a vibrant twist

Discover Your Own Colorful Staircase Design

With their potential to bring energy and expressiveness to any space, these colorful and artful staircase designs serve as an inspiration for those looking to break the mold and embrace their unique style. Tap into your creativity and transform your own staircase into a stunning work of art with the help of these awe-inspiring designs.


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